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My Story Why I'm Here

I’m so glad you’ve arrived. Life Happens is where I share with you my losses in my life and how I know my loved ones are still with me, how I deal with my emotions and just life in general while also changing to products that are clean and chemical-free so I can be as healthy as I can. ​I hope you can get some comfort and also some good information from my personal experiences and also find some healthy changes that can be made in your life.


Disclaimer here before we go on any further. Anything that I share in my blog is either my own experiences or from customers' experiences. I am NO WAY stating that anything will cure, treat or diagnose any issues going on with you and please connect with your own doctor before trying anything new.


Briefly, my story so you know why I'm doing what I do.​I never thought that I would be in the situation that I am in now. My dream was to grow old with my husband and lead a quiet life. We actually sold our home and bought an RV and wanted to travel and we would do little odd jobs to make extra money plus at the time I had an online business that I was with for 10 years. Our kids were grown and out of the house and they had their children, we thought that this was our time. So my husband was so excited that I finally agreed to do this. I had lost my dad and my mom was by herself and I did not want to leave my mother but at the time she decided to go and live with my brother and sister-in-law in

Colorado so I thought ok, she is with them and I can relax and go and do this adventure!


​Unfortunately, our dream was cut short in 2016 my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer and we ended up putting all of our attention to helping my husband to try and get better but unfortunately, I ended up losing him in November of 2019. We were married for 35 years he was only 56 years old and I was lost, I was mad and upset, I lost the love of my life, my best friend and not knowing where to turn and what to do, I have never been on my own.

We lived in an RV park and I had a neighbor a few trailers down from me whom we had met when we first came to Florida. He had become a very good friend to me I helped him out with his slightly disabled wife and he helped me out when I needed things. He had become my best friend and we did everything together. So he made my loss of my husband a little easier.


​My mom was also my best friend, we would call each other up and talk, laugh, cry and just knowing I had her on my side for everything.  At this point, she moved back to NY and lived with my sister.  But now tragedy was striking once again, my mother got mouth cancer and ended up passing in September of 2022.  


Then my neighbor, my best friend started having some health issues that went on for a few months and ended up passing away in April of this year (2023) to our surprise. I have just lost my second family, my friend, someone who understood me more than I understood myself sometimes.


I have lost so many loved ones which seemed to be a very short period of time.  Now I am left to figure this world out by myself, again! Yes, I still have my kids but my son is in Georgia, my daughter is here with me in Florida and we will do things together but they both have their own lives to live.


So yes, I do go through bouts of depression and loneliness but how I get by sometimes is by listening to Matt Fraser, who is a medium. He explains things so well and I listen to some short videos of NDE (Near Death Experiences) I truly believe that there is a heaven and yes, I do believe that our souls are out there. Life goes on in a different way when we leave this earth but like anything sometimes you doubt it at times and you need to be reminded again and again. I have had some personal experiences that I will share throughout this blog. while also sharing my clean living and by that I mean I don't want a lot of chemicals in the products that I use for anything.  We will never be able to rid ourselves of all the chemicals because they are in everything but if I can control some things I will definitely do that.


So I will be exploring clean products, how I cope with situations, and hopefully will be some sort of inspiration to you and your own lives.  Thank you for being here.​

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