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What Kind Of Shampoo Do You Use?

Did you know that shampoo with chemicals can actually harm you?

Sulfates: they increase skin sensitivity and strip hair of their natural oils, causing dryness. Parabens: they increase the risk of skin cancer. Phthalates: they are dangerous to the environment and cause hormonal disruptions. Formaldehyde: is carcinogenic and easily absorbed by the skin.

You want to avoid these chemicals and when you get the word "fragrance" you have to watch because this is where they can put basically what they want in there and NOT tell you about it! It's crazy, right?!

One of the companies that I am with Bjol sells Shampoo Bars. Bjol is a small company that is Leaping Bunny Certified to organic zero waste practices. You can be confident that each of our products are handmade with you and your family in mind. Products come from family farms throughout the USA. Some people say they don't want to use a shampoo bar because it's not convenient but trust me it does not take long to get used to at all and it is healthier for you and better for our environment No chemicals in there at all. Let me give you a list of what the different bars can do for you.

ROSEMARY & MINT Works on all hair types but is particularly good for oily & dark hair

CITRUS SHAMPOO BAR Best for normal to oily hair

ROSE GERANIUM SHAMPOO BAR Dull or color-treated hair especially color treated. Rose geranium oil revives hair vibrancy and gives shine

FRENCH LAVENDER SHAMPOO BAR Generally all hair types

PEPPERMINT SHAMPOO BAR Sensitive scalps & curly hair


Good for dry or dull hair dandruff & itchy scalps

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