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Do You Believe in Afterlife?

I do believe in the afterlife BUT I find myself needing to be reassured all the time even when I think that I have had some signs and some of them were pretty amazing!

Like all of us who have lost loved ones, it can be very hard to carry on a daily basis. I have put in my blog before that I listen to Matt Fraser a lot and he seems to always come through with those little things that he verifies for people that can mean the most because nobody would be able to know them but you. It is something that can be so small as you moving something around in the home, or you're wearing something special that reminds you of them or you saying something or having an event happen and your loved one verifies it!! I also watch Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium she is another amazing medium. Well, this next story I am sharing with you has to do with Theresa.

Now I have never been read by Theresa Caputo but I was at home one day on 2/29/20 so it was just 3 months after my husband's passing. I was just so depressed and I had been crying on and off on this day and I was listening to some music on Youtube and I started to surf around a little bit and one of Theresa's readings came on it was just a short clip but this lady she was reading was like she was speaking directly to me!!

Theresa was asking the audience who here had lost her husband. This is what she said..."who had a husband pass away, he was sick, he is saying thank you for taking care of him. he said you did it unconditionally and you never complained. You may have gone in the bathroom and cried and said you can't or don't know how to keep going some days but you were always there and you did take care of me!"

I thought OMG! That sounds like my husband Jeff talking to me! He always told me he did not know what he would do without me and he couldn't get through what he was going through without me being there and helping him. He was thanking me all of the time. I thought that this was weird it came on just when I needed it to. It was like Jeff was speaking directly to me. So maybe that was him letting me know he is there and he is ok. Matt Fraser always says there are NO COINCIDENCES!!

I just look back and realize how special and brave my husband was because he was facing a battle of his life and what was he doing? Thanking me all of the time and telling me how special I was for taking care of him! He was the special one and all I can say knowing that he is happy now is what carries me through on still those hard days. It will be 4 years in Nov of this year (2023) and sometimes it still feels like yesterday. Grief is hard and everyone handles it differently but I can tell you when I hear other's stories I can find peace in their stories for myself because I know they are ok and still with us!

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