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My Friend Called Me and WOW!

I have a neighbor that used to live by us up in NY and we did things together but we moved away and she also moved but we kept in contact once in awhile on Facebook. Well she had contacted me back in April of 2021 and said she had a dream about Jeff and she had to reach out to me, she felt it was important because he made it seem important.

Jeff, my husband said he wanted her to tell me about insurance and she said he was very adamant about that. She said he was actually getting mad (this would definitely be Jeff) I was thinking wow, I don't really understand what that is all about, I immediately checked everything and yes I was covered, so I was a little confused.

A month later a friend of mine sold his house and called State Farm about insuring his RV in Florida and she said they couldn't. State Farm will not insure personal contents and you have to move the RV off premises two times a year and be gone for two to three days, it's so strange but I can't do that. The RV was insured while attached to your vehicle. I was looking for insurance that would treat my RV like having homeowners insurance because right now this is what I am living out of.

So I ended up calling around and I found that Progressive would insure the RV and the contents inside like homeowners. So now I understand what Jeff was trying to tell my neighbor about the insurance!! All this time I thought we were insured for this and we weren't but finding a company that offered this to me put my mind at ease. If it weren't for Jeff coming to my friend in a dream I would of never known or I would of discovered it down the road. But pretty crazy right?!

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